Wilson Adams

With a slightly alarming fetish for the click of a shutter and the smell of C-41 developer, Wilson Adams is not your average 18 year-old “photographer.”  For starters, he is not armed with an entry-level DSLR purchased with his parents’ money, nor does he recognize Instagram as a legitimate method to create portraiture.  As a matter of fact, Wilson does not use any form of digital image capture.  After spending four years in the picture perfect world of the DSLR (which he bought for himself at age 14), Wilson made the decision to find some contrast in his photography... literally.  He traded in his Nikon D300s and the conveniences of Lightroom for a 1982 model Canon AE-1 Program and the daunting task of building his own darkroom.  Hipster? No. (He still has a D80 for when the film is just too scary.) Out of his mind? Probably.  Constantly searching for a face-melting, life-altering, hyphenated-adjective-creating image? Definitely.

In his personal life, Wilson is an outdoorsman who loves hiking and extended backpacking trips.  He is an active volunteer in his school and community.  Serving his daily grind as the Online Sales Manager for a local hobby shop, Wilson clocks out everyday and heads to take a sunset picture at one of his favorite spots, which include the top of Flint Mill, the South Holston Weir Dams, and anywhere in a park or forest.  He is an Assistant Scoutmaster at Troop 3 of First Presbyterian Church, the troop in which he obtained his Eagle Scout.

Wilson Adams

Why the crappy site?

Well, as you are about to find out, I am a pretty busy guy.  This site gets worked on when I have free seconds that are not taken up by someone or something else.  This site displays my information perfectly fine.  It is a work in progress, but I'm getting there.

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